BKC PK14 Tandem Pedal Kayak 2020 Review

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At The Pedal Kayak, we love getting out on the water. It’s why we’ve tried so many different kayaks and are here to provide our thoughts on which one is the best. We appreciate everyone who reads our reviews and asks us questions.

A trending question: What is the best tandem pedal kayak?

In short, everyone loves their pedal kayaks and wants to share the experience with someone else.

Best Tandem Pedal Kayak

The BKC PK14 tandem kayak from Brooklyn Kayak Company is a perfect choice! At 14 feet long, this two-person, pedal-powered kayak comes with two paddles and is tough enough for even the wildest river races. The aluminum frame helps reduce weight, and with its robust, durable outer shell, you don’t have to worry about your kayak getting scratched.

The grooved hull keeps you on track without too much effort, and the pedals can keep you on course even against a current. Also, the pedals allow you to move as fast or slow as you want, or simply stay in place! Even better, Brooklyn Kayak Company offers a great deal on this tandem pedal kayak.

Pros: BKC PK14 Tandem

There are many great features about this pedal kayak. To begin with, it’s a tandem kayak, which means two people can enjoy twice the fun! You and your partner can take it out for a relaxing float on the lake, or you can take it onto the river with a buddy for an exhilarating river adventure.

The BKC PK14 tandem kayak is mostly pedal-powered, so you can instantly reverse your direction by simply back-pedaling. The pedals are adjustable too; you can bring them closer or farther to the seat, depending on your leg length and comfort preferences. And for those looking for a full-body workout, two collapsible, aluminum paddles are included to help you steer in addition to the rudder-system. When these easy-to-use paddles aren’t in use, there are three different flush-mount holders for them.

The rudder system is easy to use and keeps you on course even against a tough current. This kayak can be used for fishing. Its sturdiness allows you to stand up with ease and without the fear of flipping the kayak!

Also, there are three watertight hatches included and additional storage under the seats, which all provide enough space to store plenty of gear. And while there is enough space and stability to stand, if you decide to remain seated during your kayak adventure, the seats are wide, supportive, and will stay up even without you seated.

The BKC PK14 tandem kayak can support up to 660 pounds of weight, so don’t worry about downsizing any gear you need to help you enjoy your day. 660 pounds should also be more than enough weight for both you and your partner in the tandem pedal kayak.

It also has two sets of side handles that can help you get back into the kayak or hang on through some rapidly moving water. The handles also make it easier to portage the kayak for a distance. And when you’re ready to pull out, don’t worry about flipping it over—just pull the BKC PK14’s drain plug; this helps keep your kayak dry and in tip-top shape while it’s in storage.

Brooklyn Kayak Company offers six different colors to choose from, ships the kayak on time, and will respond to any customer service issues promptly and with satisfaction guaranteed. Ultimately, it’s a very versatile, well-made watercraft, and comes with all the essentials you need to get the boat moving and enjoy your next water adventure.

Cons: BKC PK14 Tandem

This BKC PK14 tandem kayak is a sturdy fourteen feet long and contains plenty of storage as well as a full rudder system and two seats. That said, there’s plenty that goes along with this kayak, so it is heavy! You may get pretty tired if you find you need to portage quite a distance.

In addition, it’s probably a good idea to read the assembly instructions and make sure you feel comfortable doing a bit of assembly on your new kayak. If you’d rather a completely ready-to-pedal kayak, this may not be the one for you. However, with a little work, once it’s put together, you can be sure this kayak will be durable and a great addition to your summer fun gear.

Perfect Kayak for Adeventure

This kayak is perfect for an adventure in any form, as long as you are looking for company! Even if you’re a beginning kayaker, the BKC PK14 tandem is perfect to learn in! The pedaling doesn’t take too much effort, especially if you use the lightweight auxiliary paddles that are included.

It’s also perfect for fishermen. You can paddle it out to the middle of a lake and not worry about drifting with the current because you can keep it in place with the pedals. In addition, more experienced kayakers can take it out on the river and be aided by the paddles and pedal features while riding the rapids. You’re absolutely safe wherever you go with this tough, made-for-adventure kayak. Whether you’re looking for a gentle pedal on the lake or a rip-roaring paddle on the river, this kayak is perfect.

Everyone from beginners still learning the basics of paddling, to experienced fishermen and kaykers will certainly enjoy their time in this tandem kayak from Brooklyn Kayak Company.

Final Thoughts

Water sports are a great way to spend your free summer days and get a good workout in at the same time! And there’s no better way to do this than with the BKC PK14 tandem kayak. We love its storage capacity and great details such as the drain plug, two sets of handles for portaging, and sturdy, lightweight paddles included in your purchase. For the price, you get a great deal on all you need for a great water adventure in this kayak. We highly recommend you give this kayak a try this summer!

See you on the water!

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