Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Review

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Old Town is among the oldest and most reputable kayak manufacturers in the world. They’re also known for their incredible canoes that are indestructible.  I grew up with an Old Town Canoe. When I was growing up, my Dad and I were carrying the canoe next to a relatively steep hill. He slipped, and we dropped the canoe down the hill.

After we chased it down the hill and caught up to it, we inspected every inch of it. We didn’t find a single mark on the entire canoe!

So for that reason, once Old Town started releasing pedal kayaks, I got excited to check them out because I knew they were going to be straight-up quality. I’ve already written a review of the Old Town 120 PDL, but it’s time to write a review of the 106 PDL as well.

The company has spent years researching innovative systems to be added to its traditional kayak designs. With the Topwater 106 PDL Angler kayak, Old Town did its best to create a comfortable, hands-free fishing kayak that’s easy to transport and maneuver.

Lightweight, compact, but still substantial, the Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak is the perfect combination of stability and high-performance. With an advanced design and easy-to-use pedal, this particular model features one of the most innovative pedal systems on the market nowadays.

Pros: Topwater 106 PDL

Overall, this kayak features a combination of excellent and innovative characteristics that distinguish it from similar products on the market. It has one of the best drive systems found on kayaks and canoes. Owners will just need to pedal forward or reverse instantly. The removable pedal drive can be installed in seconds, and the kayak’s size enables owners to store it away and transport it easily.

The specially designed kayak offers owners as much available space as possible. If you cannot easily decide which tackle box to bring along, you should know that this kayak has a total weight capacity of 450 pounds. The available space just under the seat is the perfect spot for storing some essential tools and a small tackle box, as well.

At 10 inches 6 feet long, the Topwater 106 PDL kayak is specifically designed to offer a great fishing experience in ponds and lakes that can be difficult to reach with a piece of much larger equipment. Even when the path to the water is not that clear, this kayak enables you to get in and out fast enough. Despite its relatively small dimensions, the kayak is astonishingly stable and extremely maneuverable.

An excellent characteristic of this kayak is the fact that despite its relatively small size and lightweight nature, it can cover a pretty impressive distance quickly. The seat is comfortable, and adjustable to the particular physical structure of its user. This specific kayak model also features some EVA foam floor pads that add extra comfort when you stand-up fishing. The high-back of this kayak integrates nicely into your seat, and the AirComfort system makes fishing during the hot summer days a pleasurable experience.

The whole design of this kayak makes gliding through the water to sneak up on fish, a fun and straightforward experience. Its hands-free stand up platform enables owners to focus solely on their tasks without having to worry about keeping themselves stable. The kayak is available in 4 different, elegant colors, and you can equip it with some of your accessories, including some electronics, thanks to its spacious storage capacity. The kayak comes with a 5-year warranty and an additional lifelong warranty on the hull.

Cons: Topwater 106 PDL

The Topwater 106 PDL Angler kayak is an excellent option for those wishing to spend some time fishing in a pond, creek, or small lake. However, if you want to go fishing in open water or if you wish to catch some large fish body, then this kayak may not be the best available option. I live on a lake that is 800 acres, and I’m comfortable in the Topwater 106, but I don’t think I’d bring it on the ocean! If I wanted something more significant, I’d go with the Topwater 120.

To put it plainly, the company has mainly designed this kayak for lake distances. A longer hull and a somewhat sleeker design would be the best option for a fisherman wishing to go on an open water fishing expedition.

Moreover, the Topwater 106 PDL Angler kayak is not the fastest pedal kayak. It’s fast, but I think the Hobie is faster. In choppy waters, you may need to keep a hand on the tiller to ensure stability and although there is a nut to lock the rudder down, you may still suffer from some stability issues.

Perfect Fit

The Topwater 106 PDL Angler kayak is ideal for every average lake fisherman wishing to go on a fishing expedition in a lake, river, or creek. It can be used during the hot summer days with safety, thanks to its AirComfort system, and you can use it during the winter period, as well.

However, you should avoid going on a fishing trip in open water or when the weather conditions are adverse because there is always the danger of your flipping over the kayak. This kayak is perfect for both men and women of every physical structure.  There are no limitations associated with height and weight.

This model is ideal for first-time pedal kayak fishermen because it is easy-to-use and maneuver, it is stable and comfortable. Most owners chose to purchase this particular model thanks to its ability to auto-reverse hands-free. In particular, this kayak offers forward, reverse, and agile maneuverability that ensures proper control of the boat without using your hands at all. It is also an excellent option for those wishing to spend some time fishing on a hands-free boat.

If you have limited space on your truck and wish to purchase a kayak that can be transported easily then the Topwater 106 PDL Angler is a great option.

Final Thoughts

If you are passionate about fishing and you wish to have a trustworthy, innovative, elegant, and high-performance companion, then the Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak is a great choice. Ideal for both newcomers and professional fishermen and equipped with a series of great features, including comfort, stability, durability, and advanced functions, this model has been launched after years of research by the company.

Easy to pedal, lightweight, and with the ability to get easily transported from and towards your favorite fishing spot, you can rest assured that your fishing trip will be an exhilarating experience with this kayak. However, if you wish to purchase a kayak that can be used mainly in open water seas or under adverse weather conditions, then this choice is probably not the best.

For this reason, the final decision should be based solely on your personal needs and your expectations. After all, you are gonna be the one using the kayak!

See you on the water!

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