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Background on the Brooklyn Kayak Company

As a company focused on making kayaks and accessories accessible to all, the Brooklyn Kayak Company (BKC) was founded in 2015 with a mission of providing high-quality products at an affordable price point. From beginners to experts alike, BKC offers premier recreational watercraft designed for your personal journey right here in Brooklyn, New York.

Boating Kayak Company (BKC) offers a comprehensive selection of kayaks suitable for numerous aquatic settings, from tranquil lakes to raging rivers and everything in between. Not only do they provide sit-on-top models as well as fishing-specific designs, but BKC also carries paddles, life jackets and other essential accessories so you can get out on the water with confidence.

BKC stands out for their unparalleled dedication to customer service. Not only do they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty on their kayaks, but they also have an experienced support team who are always available to provide answers or assist with any queries customers may have.

Customers are raving about BKC’s exceptional quality products, budget-friendly prices, and customer service. Moreover, they have an impressive online presence through social media where they post exciting images and videos of kayaks in motion along with interacting with their committed customers.

The Brooklyn Kayak Company is a reputable and dependable business, provides outstanding kayaks and accessories at an accessible price. Their commitment to extending the joy of kayaking to all makes them stand out from the rest.

Overview of the BKC PK14

This BKC PK14 sit-on-top kayak from the Brooklyn Kayak Company is a sight to behold in blue or red, although you can also pick it up in camouflage. You won’t find a longer tandem kayak in the BKC line, with the BKC PK14 measuring up at 14′. You can paddle the kayak, of course, or you have the option of pairing your paddle power with the dual pedal drive system. But the pedals are enough to get you where you need to be, especially when combined with the kayak’s slim profile and grooved hull bottom, as well as its hand-operated rudder control system.

BKC PK14 Kayaks- The Pros

The first and most obvious point to make about the BKC PK14 kayak is its size. At 14′ long and weighing in at just south of 100 pounds (before adding the pedals, propellor, and your gear of choice), this is one massive and stable beast on the water. That added stability comes in handy, especially if you’re looking for a small fishing vessel or a kayak that is good for swimming or snorkeling. It’s even stable enough that you can stand on the kayak if necessary, but maneuverable enough that one experienced kayaker can get around in it using just their paddle.

The size also means that you’ve got plenty of room to spread out on board. It has an advertised capacity of 660 pounds, so it’s reliable for carrying a lot of gear out onto the water. The rear storage compartment can accommodate a small cooler, and the storage hatches under the seats live up to their watertight reputation, keeping electronics and valuables dry if you decide to haul them along.

The aluminum seats are comfortable and adjustable, and the pedal system is excellent in still water. Combine it with paddling, and you can get just about anywhere you want. And when you’re out fishing, a little calm pedaling can help to keep your position stable, too. You can’t adjust the pedals, but the seats will adapt if you need to bring yourself closer to or farther from the pedal drive. Luckily I did not need it, but it’s nice to know that there’s also a safety feature on the pedal drive. If the pedal drive hits something submerged in the water or becomes entangled, the locking latch disconnects — making it easier to get loose without damaging your propellor. The manufacturer also says that a small trolling motor can be added, although the kayak wasn’t specifically built with this in mind.

There are also plenty of opportunities to expand your kit on this 14′ frame. There are already four plastic mounting points, so it’s easy to add a fish finder or GPS if you want to. And while many of us are reluctant to drill holes in our lovely, new kayak, it’s not a problem if you need to add paddle holders or something to lock your GoPro down to.


BKC PK14 Kayaks – The Cons

While the size of the BKC PK14 kayak is a real bonus when it comes to stability on the water, it can make it difficult to transport the kayak across the ground. Prepare for some heavy lifting to get it from your vehicle to the water, and you may want to invest in a landing gear.

As for paddle power, you might want to invest in a sturdier paddle. The included collapsible paddles are convenient and light, but don’t feel like they’ll hold up much in the way of wear and tear. And investing a little bit of time in attaching paddle holders to the kayak will be a wise choice, since it doesn’t come with any installed.

And if you do opt to take it out on the water as a solo act, you might want to be careful of currents — an experienced kayaker can handle powering this beast through the water, but when the going gets tough it may take both pedal power and paddling to get you moving again.

The BKC PK 14 is a Perfect Fit for:

The BKC PK14 is a beautiful, stable monster of a kayak is not for those who like to take off down the river and hit the rapids, but if you’re a fisherman it might just be the perfect small vessel for a day on the lake. It’s heavy and stable with a narrow but long footprint that will keep it steady on the water while you enjoy seeing how the fish are biting. When you start fighting to reel in the big one, you can be assured that this kayak is going to stay right under you where it belongs. It’s also a great canoe for outdoorsy couples who just want some time to relax on the water. It has enough cargo space for a small cooler, and you can enjoy pedaling around the lake on a summer day in a heavy, stable kayak.

Final Verdict

The BKC PK 14 is prominent, heavy, but easy to get moving. That weight is useful on the water, but can be a bit of a bear getting it across the land. Once you’re on a lake, however, the BKC PK14 kayak offers a smooth, stable ride. It’s perfect for going out on a fishing trip or enjoying a lazy day out in nature.

There are a handful of nitpicks about this kayak — a landing gear would have been a great addition at this weight, and the pedal drive doesn’t do great against strong currents. However, this is a substantial investment for fun or leisure.

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See you on the water!

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