Kayaking in Austin Texas

There’s no doubt that Austin, Texas is one of the most beautiful places in the country – and what better way to explore it than by kayaking? From downtown Lady Bird Lake to sprawling Hill Country Lake Travis, there are a plethora of paddling possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. To make your next adventure even more spectacular, here are 10 top-notch lakes perfect for kayakers around Austin: each with its own captivating features! No matter if you are a proficient kayaker or an amateur eager for a new journey, this list has something for everyone! So assemble your paddles and life jackets, and prepare to soak in the tranquility of nature on some of Texas’ most stunning lakes.

Our Top 10 Lakes for Kayaking in Austin, Texas

Kayaking in Austin on Lake Lady Bird

Lady Bird Lake:

If you’re looking for the ideal place to kayak, Lady Bird Lake is an unforgettable destination. From its tranquil waters that make paddling a breeze, to the postcard-worthy backdrop of Austin’s skyline, it has everything you need! The water here is so transparent and pure that you can actually observe fish swimming beneath your boat – how cool is that? If alone time isn’t your thing either way; this spot also offers plenty of chances to connect with fellow kayakers too!

In the bustling center of Austin, Texas lies Lady Bird Lake – a peaceful oasis amidst some of its most sought-after destinations. With South Congress, Zilker Park, and Rainey Street Historical District surrounding it on all sides, you won’t have to go far when visiting this prime location. Even better? Regardless if you choose to walk or drive there; no matter your starting point downtown Austin is just moments away from Lady Bird Lake!

The iconic Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge is a must-see sight when visiting Austin, stretching across Lady Bird Lake and uniting South Congress to the downtown area. If you’re strolling or biking through town, this bridge can be reached in less than a mile from the Texas State Capitol building and many other renowned attractions!

Kayaking in Austin, on Lake Austin.
Lake Austin:

Compared to Lady Bird Lake, kayaking on the sprawling depths of Lake Austin is an invigorating and memorable experience. Its cooler waters are inviting for a refreshing dip, while its coves and inlets offer plenty of opportunity for exploration. As you leisurely paddle, or pedal, across this picturesque body of water, be sure to appreciate the magnificent cliffside mansions that adorn its shorelines – they add even more enchantment to your journey!

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Austin, a mere 6 miles west of downtown Austin. Unwind and enjoy the scenic views while you drive along streets such as Lake Austin Boulevard or West 5th Street to get there – both roads bring you straight to this beautiful destination! With neighborhoods like Tarrytown and Westlake Hills surrounding it, come explore why Lake Austin is one of Texas’ must-see attractions.

With moderate traffic, making the journey from downtown to Lake Austin typically takes 15-20 minutes by car. Though during rush hour, travel time could be increased. If you’re looking for an alternative way to get there aside from driving, consider ride-sharing services or public transit options. Furthermore, if you’d prefer a more scenic route with gorgeous views of Lady Bird Lake and trails that are perfect for biking along your way – then biking is the best option!

Kayaking in Austin on Lake Travis
Lake Travis:

If you’re in search of an ideal kayaking destination, look no further than Lake Travis. Its 63 miles of shoreline provide a full day’s worth of exploration and the water is usually clear and tranquil – perfect for spotting fish or other aquatic wildlife. There are also plenty of secluded coves, beaches and even picnic spots where one can take a break from their journey! And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, its picturesque landscape featuring rolling hills and majestic rock formations guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Situated a mere 20 miles northwest of the vibrant city center in Austin, Texas lies Lake Travis– a recreational hotspot surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods including Spicewood and Lakeway. Whether you’re headed to this delightful lake from downtown Austin or another part of town, several routes are available for your journey including TX-1 Loop N (sometimes referred to as “Mopac Expressway”) or US-183 N that will take you right up to its shores!

While journeying from downtown Austin to Lake Travis typically requires 30-40 minutes in low traffic, it might take longer during rush hour.

Kayaking in Austin on Lake Pflugerville.
Lake Pflugerville:

Get ready to make new memories with your family at Lake Pflugerville! This cozy little lake is an ideal destination for a kayaking excursion, boasting crystal-clear water and shallow depths that are easy to navigate. Plus, there are ample opportunities to pull over and take in the scenery of its surrounding trails or park areas. And if you’re looking for some additional activities afterward? Look no further – kids will love exploring all the playgrounds and nearby amenities available here too! It’s sure to be an unforgettable day of fun on the lake followed by picnicking with those closest to you.

Situated in Pflugerville, Texas—a suburb just 16 miles from downtown Austin—Lake Pflugerville beckons travelers with its peaceful shores. To reach the lake quickly, consider hopping on I-35 North or TX-130 Toll Road and be prepared to traverse these scenic routes situated amidst varying times of traffic congestion throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get from downtown Austin to Lake Pflugerville, driving is usually your best bet. During moderate traffic, the drive takes about 20-30 minutes total – although that could increase during rush hour. However, if you’d like more sustainable or economical options there are ride-share services available as well as public transit and biking along the Northeast Metropolitan Park trail leading all the way up to Lake Pflugerville!

Kayaking in Austin on lake Georgetown.
Lake Georgetown:

Kayaking at Lake Georgetown is a thrilling and breathtaking experience! With its tranquil waters, choppy rapids, rolling hillsides, small islands to discover, plus pristine beaches and coves perfect for stopping off along the way – this lake has something to offer everyone. And if you’re looking for an extended stay? There are several camping locations nearby which makes it an ideal spot for an overnight kayaking adventure.

Just a mere 30 miles away from downtown Austin, Texas lies the scenic Lake Georgetown. This lake is situated in the lively city of Georgetown and hosts an array of activities including boating, fishing, and water sports. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or some thrilling fun on the lake – this spot has it all!

There are a few alternative routes you can take to get from downtown Austin to Lake Georgetown, such as I-35 North or TX-183A Toll Road. The journey usually takes 40-50 minutes without heavy traffic congestion; however, during rush hour it could potentially extend beyond that window of time.

Kayaking in Austin on Bastrop Lake.
Lake Bastrop:

Lake Bastrop is the perfect place for a relaxing day of kayaking. Its shallow depth makes it easy to navigate, and its coves and inlets provide plenty of opportunities for exploration. The lake’s water is usually cool and clear – ideal for beating the summer heat! As an added bonus, there are also picnic spots along with hiking trails that can be enjoyed after a long day on the lake.

Take a scenic journey from downtown Austin to Lake Bastrop, located just thirty miles southeast of the city. With ample opportunities for fishing, boating, camping and hiking in this charming locale, it’s no wonder so many flock here every year! Enjoy a fun-filled day by taking TX-71 East or TX-21 East which will conveniently lead you straight to your destination -Lake Bastrop.

If you’re looking to navigate from downtown Austin all the way to Lake Bastrop in a jiffy, it typically takes 40-50 minutes in moderate traffic. Nevertheless, depending on how busy highways are during rush hour periods, this drive could take longer than anticipated. Fortunately for those seeking alternate routes of transportation, there are other viable solutions such as ride-sharing services or public transit! Or for an even more picturesque journey filled with breathtaking views and fresh air, try taking a scenic drive through some nearby countryside roads!

Kayking in Austin on Walter E. Long Lake.

Walter E. Long Lake:

One of the most underrated places for kayaking in Austin is Walter E. Long Lake! Its tranquil waters and shallow depths make it perfect for paddling around, with a pleasing combination of urban and natural landscapes to explore. Plus, birdwatchers will be delighted at the array of waterfowl and other feathered creatures that call this lake home – making this an absolute must-visit spot!

With breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country, Walter E. Long Lake (or Decker Lake as it is sometimes called) invites visitors to explore its waters in eastern Travis County – just 10 miles outside downtown Austin. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure or a tranquil picnic spot, this lake has something for everyone; enjoy boating and fishing on the water or hike one of its scenic trails while exploring the park’s shaded areas perfect for picnicking with family and friends.

Exploring the beauty of Walter E. Long Lake near downtown Austin is only a convenient 20-30 minute drive away! You can take either TX-71 East or TX-183 South to get there, depending on your preference and traffic conditions. Enjoy an easy trip soon!

Kayaking in Austin on Inks Lake

Inks Lake:

Inks Lake, nestled in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, is a dreamy destination for kayaking. The glistening water remains tranquil and serene beneath rocky hills that serve as an epic backdrop. There are numerous coves and beaches to explore on your way out – perfect for taking a swim or snacking on picnic fare! For those looking to extend their stay, there’s plenty of opportunity nearby with many hiking trails and camping spots at hand.

Nestled in Burnet County, just 60 miles northwest of Austin’s central district, Inks Lake is a magnificent oasis that boasts an array of inspiring recreational opportunities. The lake serves as part of the renowned Inks Lake State Park and provides locals with ample chance to partake in camping, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities!

If you’re planning your journey from downtown Austin to Inks Lake, there are numerous routes available like US-183 North or TX-29 West. Normal traffic conditions usually take between 1 and 1/4 hours so you can make it safely and in plenty of time!

Kayaking in Austin on Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake:

For an unforgettable kayaking experience, look no further than Canyon Lake. With its majestic rolling hills and craggy landscape providing a stunning backdrop, the vast yet deep lake offers plenty of striking coves to explore. Moreover, the peaceful atmosphere is enhanced by the crystal-clear and refreshingly cool water ensuring you’ll have a memorable day or overnight trip! Numerous nearby parks and camping areas make this destination ideal for all outdoorsy adventurers.

Nestled in the hills of Comal County, Texas, just 45 miles from downtown Austin sits Canyon Lake – a coveted destination for outdoor adventurers. Revel in leisurely boat rides and fishing trips on this majestic body of water or take to its rolling terrain for hikes and bike rides with unparalleled views!

For those making their way from downtown Austin to Canyon Lake, there are multiple routes available such as I-35 South or TX-130 South. Generally speaking, it takes roughly 50 minutes up to an hour in normal conditions and traffic to traverse the distance between these two locations.

Kayaking in Austin on Marble Falls Lake

Lake Marble Falls:

Make the most of your day and explore the tranquil beauty of Lake Marble Falls. With its crystal-clear water, picturesque islands, coves and hilltops, kayaking here is an idyllic experience for all ages. Surround yourself with nature as you paddle around this calming lake or take a break at one of many nearby parks where you can have picnics and enjoy outdoor recreation activities – it’s perfect for a leisurely getaway!

Take a journey from downtown Austin to the sparkling waters of Lake Marble Falls, just 50 miles away. There are several routes you can choose for your excursion, such as US-183 North or TX-71 West – with average traffic conditions it should only take an hour or so before reaching this popular destination that offers boating, fishing and other aquatic pleasures. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the beauty of Lake Marble Falls!


Average Temperature of Austin, Texas Lakes During Summer Months

Summertime in Austin, Texas brings with it lake water temperatures ranging from mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (24-29°C). Some of the lakes may be a bit cooler due to springs or higher elevations, and others may slightly warmer as they are shallower or located in direct sunlight. Before setting off for your kayaking excursion, make sure you check the local weather conditions and temperature readings; doing so can ensure that both your comfortability and safety on the waters remains paramount.

What Austin, Texas lakes allow fishing?

Kayakers and anglers alike will be delighted to find that Austin’s lakes make for the perfect fishing destination! Depending on which lake you choose, there is a wide variety of fish species awaiting your rod. Keep in mind though, each body of water may have different rules about what type of bait or tackle can be used – so double check local regulations before casting off!

Varying on the season and lake, you may catch a glimpse of different types of fish. Some usual species that swim in these lakes include:

Remember, fishing rules can differ from lake to lake. That’s why it is always a smart idea to make sure you are following local laws and regulations before heading out on the water.

Enough ka-YAKing. To Conclude:

Whether you’re in search of an exciting journey or a soothing paddle, kayaking near Austin can provide the perfect experience. With its abundance of stunning lakes, there are limitless possibilities to explore and take in all that nature has to offer. To give you some insight into what’s available, this post presents just ten examples among many magnificent sites for paddling around the amazing city of Austin!

If you’re searching for an exciting and captivating way to spend the day, look no further than kayaking along the breathtaking Lady Bird Lake or majestic Lake Travis. This city offers countless opportunities for exploration and discovery on its sparkling waters – so don’t miss out! Grab your paddle and get ready to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure that will stay with you forever.

See ya on the water!

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