The Kayak Pro BKC PK11 Review

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If you’re an avid kayaker that spends a lot of time on the water, consider the BKC PK11 10.6′ Single Propeller Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak W/ Rudder System. The adjustable and ergonomic seat features a deluxe backrest that is padded, supportive and comes with multiple options for positioning. The BKC PK11 has superior stability, is medium weight, and easy to handle in moderate water conditions.

The BKC PK11 is perfect for fishing in that it will allow you to cast multiple lines with three-rod holders that are flush-mounted. The ten-foot-long frame handles easily by peddling, leaving your hands free to manage your fishing rods. Don’t worry about space as this kayak is equipped with a generous cargo area. You can even add a trolling motor for added speed and effortless cruising.

Pros: BKC PK11

Built by the Brooklyn Kayak Company, the BKC PK11 reaches fast speeds using the pedaling propeller system. The hull material is made of high-density polyethylene with UV protection to prevent weather and sun damage. This beamy kayak is 34 inches wide and seats one person. The hull height is 15 inches. It is available in a variety of color options, blue, green, or grey camo, solid blue, red, and yellow.

Care and maintenance of the BKC PK11 is fairly standard. As will all water-sports equipment, the exposure to heavy sun and UV rays requires some extra care. The hull is supposed to have a long life and the added UV protection will help resist cracking. The manufacturer does recommend that the chairs, straps, and rudder accessories be sprayed with an outdoor fabric UV protection spray at the beginning and end of each season. The hull should be treated with a layer of marine silicone sealant before and after each season.

The streamlined single piece roto-molded hull creates ease of movement and easy handling in smooth water. The roomy interior and mounted rod holders make the BKC PK11 ideal for fishing and trolling. Fishing in a kayak has never been easier as the pedals have straps so your feet stay secure even when you are preoccupied with a big catch.

The large cargo area allows you to pack what you need for an entire day on the water. The space is sufficient enough that you can lay out all your gear and spread out comfortably for a long day of fishing. While the pedals do take up some space, there is plenty left over for you to be comfortable with all your gear.

Another big advantage of the BKC PKAA is that the adjustable seating allows you to sit in a more elevated position against an extremely solid and comfortable backrest. The seat is quite adjustable to account for different sized people being able to reach the pedals.

Speaking of pedal-power, the added weight makes this kayak more stable. It is stable and wide enough to be able to stand without fear of tipping over. With a motor, users have reported that the added weight makes the BKC PK11 almost impossible to tip over.

One of the great advantages of the BKC PK11 pedal system is that the addition of a rudder makes this kayak very maneuverable. You can easily navigate everything from sharp turns to sweeping arcs with the hand-held rudder system.

Cons: BKC PK11

The prop on the BKC PK11 has had reports of breaking. One customer noted that the pedal drive arrived broken and it was a full month before it was able to be replaced. It appears to be difficult to find a replacement part for the prop as it can only be ordered from the manufacturer.

The drive system on the BKC PK11 can be a bit stiffer than its competitors. Users have stated that they would like to be able to adjust the drive system but haven’t found a way to be able to do this. For an easier driver system, check out a Hobie pedal kayak.

In stronger currents, the BKC PK11 may be difficult to handle. This fishing kayak is easier to use in moderate water where strong wind and currents are not a factor. If you would love a BKC pedal kayak that can handle any weather, then look into it’s bigger sister the BKC PK 13

There are some customer issues reported concerning the BKC PK11 tracking in a straight line. Some practice may be needed to learn how to make adjustments to the rudder control to be able to track straight. Customer service has recommended gluing a skeg to the front of the kayak to help with tracking but that has not worked well for some customers.

Perfect Fit

The BKC PK11 is perfect for those who love long days of fishing on lakes, ponds, and bodies of water with mild currents. For those looking to install a trolling motor, this kayak is a good option as there is plenty of room for installation.

For those who like to spend the entire day in their fishing kayak and travel long distances, the BKC PK11 is a great choice. The ergonomic seating allows fishermen to remain comfortable even after a long day. There is plenty of cargo room to store food, beverages, and fishing supplies.

The compartments are waterproof. For those that like to pack photography gear or other items that need to stay dry, the waterproof storage areas are essential.

For those that like to stand while fishing in their kayak, the BKC PK11 fits the bill. It is very stable for a kayak. In addition, there are scupper holes with plugs in the sides of this kayak. This will allow water to escape and help keep the deck dry.

Fishermen who like options will enjoy the pedal drive system for hands-free fishing. One can recline and relax comfortably while being able to use both hands to fish or photograph.

Final Verdict

If you are an avid kayak fisherman who loves to spend long days fishing in relatively calm and current free waters, the BKC PK11 may be right for you. It offers three-rod holders, adjustable and comfortable seating. Hands-free fishing is possible with the pedal drive and rudder system.

There is plenty of legroom in the BKC PK11. You can spend all day in this kayak. There is loads of room for storage of gear and other essentials. If you like standing and need waterproof compartments, this kayak is a good choice.

Weighing in at more than 60 pounds, this is a moderate kayak. If you are launching from a trailer or have the strength to carry the BKC PK11, it’s a good option. The weight of this kayak does make it stable, and it’s great for long days of flatwater fishing adventures.

See you on the water!

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