Perception Pescador Pilot Recall

The Perception Pescador is one of the most famous pedal kayaks on the scene.  I’m a big fan of it here and have actually written a pretty glowing review of the 12 and even a review of the 10 as well!

But, there is one lousy problem with the Perception Pescador. They ran into a few issues, and it led to the Pilot recall. For that reason, a friend asked that  I write a quick overview article on the Perception, why they’re great,  but what happened with the recall.

What is the Perception Pescador?

The Perception Pescador is a series of kayaks designed for sitting on top. The kayaks offer a straight-tracking performance, speed, and excellent stability. The design makes it possible for both new and veteran paddlers to explore flat-water rivers, ponds, and lakes. As soon as the box is opened, the user is ready to begin fishing. The Pescador offers a lot of features, including two rod holders, dry covered storage and roomy open storage.

Accessories such as fishing rod holders, speakers, and cameras are easily accessible due to Solo Mount recesses and multiple gear tracks. The Pescador offers a lot of comfort for the money. The seat has outperformed similar models due to the customized support from the adjustable seat ergonomic and thick padding. Customer reviews rave about the seat alone.

The length of the Pescador is longer for the 12.0 model offering maneuverability, cargo space, additional speed and stability ideal for calmer and quieter waters away from the other boaters. There are two molded rod holders providing compatibility with the Rod-X Pro. The Pescador is molded, designed and assembled by hand in the United States. The kayak includes a warranty for five years.

The Pescador design is for simple and comfortable fishing. The kayak offers four molded rod holders located at the back of the seat, a side paddle holder, and two gear tracks on both sides of the kayak. Boaters can easily attach accessories, GPS, or a fish finder. The captain’s chair seat can be adjusted backward or forward to provide much better pedal access.

The Pescador is constructed of breathable mesh. The kayak improves visibility while keeping boaters drier because the seat sits very high on the deck. The seat is removable for both transportation and storage. A large tank well is included for storage in the back for either crates or coolers. Gear is kept secure with the bungee cords included.

There is storage well at the bow with an adjustable mesh cover. Storage slots are located on both sides of the deck ideal for tackle trays. Drinks are kept safe with a cup holder.

Was There a Perception  Pescador Pilot Recall?

Unfortunately, yes, there was a recall of the Perception Pescador. Despite it being a fantastic product, there was a recall because some of the connections in the drive system became loose. The two nuts responsible for keeping the propeller in place were not tight.

This is worthy of a recall because it could lead to a serious safety issue. If your drive breaks in the middle of the lake and you don’t have a backup propulsion method (like a paddle), then you are in trouble.  You might not be able to get back to shore.

Normally,  this shouldn’t be an issue. I’d be lying if I said I  never had to jump out of some sort of watercraft and try to swim it home. I had to do that just last year with a jetski.

But, I’m also in my 20’s and can do that.  Many people can’t and shouldn’t try to swim a kayak home. Also, if you are in an area with fast running water, then it’s a safety issue for anyone, even Michael Phelps.

Why was the Perception Pescador Pilot Recalled?

Pedal  Kayakers with a Perception were forced to carry a special tool due to hardware in the drive system becoming loose. In some instances, a piece of hardware dropped off and fell into the water. The loose connections made the drive exceptionally noisy. The other issue was the drive extended much farther down than the other models. This is correctible by using a depth finder.

Are the Perception Pescador Kayaks Safe to Use Now?

According to my testing, talking with users, user reviews, and manufacturers, the issue has been resolved, and the Perception Pescador is now considered safe. The pedal drive system now offers more control when the kayak is on the water. The design of the rotational pedal enables the boater to move safely forward and backward in a similar manner as a bicycle. The Pescador is safe for beginners because no special paddling skills are required.

The Pescador offers a 33.75-inch hull to improve safety and ensure anglers remain safe. With care, anglers can fish while standing up for more efficient and further casts. More legroom can be easily obtained simply by pushing the seat backward. The design of the Pescador Pilot ensures stability in numerous water conditions such as the ocean and flat waters. The kayak can be used safely nearly anywhere.

One of the best safety features is the pedals. While fishing, the boater can place their focus on holding the rod and reel as opposed to trying to battle the elements while juggling the paddle and rod at the same time. The paddles provide the boater with a lot more control over both the kayak and their catch. The propeller is located beneath the hull, and is responsible for the operation of the propeller.

The result is achieving additional speed and power while kayaking through a large area of water. Traditional paddling does not offer the same speed or power. To remain safe, boaters must always remember not to take the kayak into weedy or very shallow areas. This can result in the propeller becoming trapped within the weeds or hitting the bottom.

When necessary, the boater can raise the drive system to the hull. The retractable rudder system provides additional safety. The boater on the deck can control the rudder by hand for assistance with both turning and tracking. The most important feature of the rudder is preventing boaters from going off course. This is extremely beneficial for fishing in waters containing currents.

I hope this answers your questions about the Perception Pescador Pilot recall.

See you on the water!

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