Hobie Mirage Passport Review

Exploring the great outdoors is a favorite pastime of huge swathes of people worldwide. Kayaking is an especially fun experience for many — having the ability to explore the nooks and crannies of rivers and the coastline is a great opportunity for thrill-seekers and hobbyists alike.

Finding the best value kayak at a low price isn’t easy as many kayaks aren’t as structurally sound as others and don’t hold up well in rough waters! This review examines the features and performance of the Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5’ Pedal Fishing Kayak (in Seagrass Green), and everything else it has to offer!

Top Features


This a new kayak released in 2019 by Hobie, an established manufacturer, and seller of quality boats, kayaks, and outdoor goods. They claim the Mirage Passport 10.5 is a nimble paddleboat style kayak that is simple to use and lightweight, with the top features listed as:

Classic Mirage Drive — simple to use and easy to maintain drive with square tip fins. The pedal crank arms are adjustable to allow users of various leg lengths and heights to use comfortably.

Suspended Mesh Aluminum Frame Seat — breathable mesh fabric, tilt adjustment for comfort, and completely removable. Resistant to wear and tear.

Accessory Mounting Tracks — used for various attachments offered by Hobie as well as various other mounts you might use. Situated on the sides, good for fishing rod holders, camera mounts, etc.

Twist and Seal Hatch — attached to the kayak, you won’t have to worry about losing the cover or leaking water inside. Big enough to access storage space for equipment inside.

Rudder System — using a push-pull rod design, the rudder is controlled via a steering rod by the seat and is manually deployed/hauled.

Surface Cargo Area — complete with bungie tie-down holders.

Two-Piece Alloy Shaft Paddle — robust and strong paddle to add to maneuverability when not peddling, stored on the side using the paddle holder.

1 Hobie_Mirage_Passport-Pedal


You can also purchase a number of handy accessories by Hobie to help move the kayak around or maximize the abilities of the Mirage Passport.

Pros: Hobie Mirage Passport

Testing the Mirage Passport out and exploring its various features have given us a great impression of this kayak and considering the price range you can get it at — it really is value for money. Every component works as described perfectly, which is the bottom line for any product you use, but what were the best bits of the kayak?

Speed and Maneuverability

The Hobie Mirage Passport excels in sheer performance with an extremely easy to use pedal system and steering rudder. When we first tested it out, we thought the pedals would be stiff and difficult to use to gain any speed, but we soon found out that this wasn’t the case! You can gain a lot of speed for very little effort, and the pedals themselves feel durable too.

The rudder is very responsive to slight movements and isn’t stiff either. When you’re using the Mirage Passport, you have complete and reliable maneuverability. It’s also easy for kids to handle too, making it a great tool for kids too!

Lightweight, Sturdy and Resilient

Ease of maintenance is a big benefit with any kind of boating system you buy. The last thing you want are dents, fractures, and failures when on the water.

The Mirage Passport is easy to maneuver because of its lightweight thermoformed hull, and because of the removable seat and pedals. They’re easy to just plug in and get on the water, with no hassle at all. Plus, it all looks great too — the visible paint makes it easy to spot from a distance, which is useful in dire situations!



Storage Hatch

The storage hatch is eight inches and has a twist-n-seal style usage. The seal is strong and doesn’t let any water in, even when upside down in rough water. You can safely keep any delicates or electronics waterproof inside this compartment.

It is easy to open too — there’s no unsafe wobbling about trying to get it open, and it’s right in front of your seat for easy access.

Cons: Hobie Mirage Passport

This is a quality, great value kayak. There’s very little to not like about it, but there is one feature we think could be improved slightly.

Equipment Storage and Attachment Options

Equipment storage inside the kayak is great because there’s plenty of room and it’s reliable. However, on the outside, we feel the surface cargo area could be improved. You may not need these sections for much, but the bungee tie-downs could be more adjustable to allow bigger objects to be attached.

Some hooked cords, or more bungee cords, would be a great addition too. The side accessory mounting tracks don’t offer much in the way of attachment options unless you buy the add-ons offered by Hobie or use similar attachments.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a pedal kayak that does it all, the Mirage Passport is a great choice. Not only this but it’s easy to use for children, teenagers, and adults — so the entire family can make use of it. We’d recommend buying the attachments and accessories for it though if you plan on fishing or any other kinds of water-based activities. You can buy wheels, rod holders, and various other useful attachments to help with stability on the water.

Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5' Pedal Fishing Kayak Seagrass Green
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Final Thoughts

Kayaks can be an expensive investment, especially one that comes with lots of different features and attachments. For the price, however, the Mirage Passport provides you with everything you could want to get you started out on the water.

With reliable and highly functional paddling and steering systems, easy to use and safe storage, and a lightweight hull, you don’t need to stress about moving the Mirage Passport around and using it on the water. As far as Kayaks go, this is at the top of the list for quality and functionality.

See you on the water!

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