Fisherman fights 500 pound marlin in Hobie Pedal Kayak

A Pedal Kayak Fisherman off the coast of Panama fought a Marlin from his Hobie Pedal Kayak for almost six hours, setting an unofficial world record.

Adam Fisk, a fishing guide at the Lost Buzos Panama resort, was enjoying a day off with a group of friends. They decided to spend the day fishing from their pedal kayak‘s. After catching a nice Mackeral that slipped off the line at the last minute, Fisk hooks the big one.

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“Marlin are notorious for fighting so hard and for so long that they die of exhaustion” fisherman Robert Field said. (iStock)

As an experienced Fisherman, Fisk knew that operating in his Hobie Pedal Kayak, he was no match for the Marlin. The 500 pound fish eventually dragged Fisk almost 15 miles out to sea during the six hour fight.

Fisk and team transferred the line to a waiting Panga boat. This gave the team enough leverage to pull in the fish to the point where he could be released unharmed.

“In this episode, Adam Fisk of Los Buzos Resort makes history once again when an estimated 500-plus pound marlin takes his bait while kayak fishing in front of his home on Panama’s Pacific coast. Watch as the team assembles to support him for what turns out to be a 6-hour fight that spans over 15 miles,” Field said in the video.

The beauty and power of the Marlin can be seen in the YouTube video of the entire ordeal.:

The 500 pound Marlin demonstrates that he’s no match for the Hobie Pedal Kayak

While hooking a 500 pound Marlin isn’t an everyday experience, it’s impressive for a fisherman operating from a Hobie Pedal Kayak. As the fight unfolds, you can see Fisk peddling while he’s maneuvering the fish into position. The Kayak isn’t a match for the grace and strength of the Marlin, but it demonstrates that the Hobie Pedal Kayak is a great platform for kayak sea fishing.

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Fisk is fishing in the Pacific Ocean from a Hobie Pedal Kayak

“I can’t think of a more epic experience to happen in the world of kayak fishing and the fact that Robert Field was here to capture it all is absolutely incredible. This catch is one for the books and one we will all be telling for the rest of our lives. So proud of the whole team!” writes Robert Field on his Facebook Page.

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