Best Pedal Kayak for Ocean Fishing

It’s 2023 and my pick for Best Pedal Kayak for ocean fishing is still…

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

I wrote about this in 2020 and after searching to find a better pedal kayak experience for ocean fishing I came to the conclusion the I’m still a fan of superior quality of my Hobie Mirage.

As you all know, pedal kayaking is a fun thing to do and it is a perfect activity for people who love adventures. However, kayaking is perceived as a thrilling activity but it can also be relaxing and mind freshening when you are pedal kayaking. There are budget-friendly pedal kayaks that are great for beginning kayakers. There are plenty of great pedal kayaks for leisure pedaling to enjoy the views.

If ocean fishing is your goal, then you need a few things:

When you put all of that together, the only answer is the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 is the best pedal kayak for ocean fishing available in the market. It comes with a Hobie Mirage Drive 180, which is very powerful and can withstand all types of conditions. Along with this, to make it even more powerful, turbo fins are also given. With this kayak, you will get a faster kayaking experience.

When it comes to deciding whether a kayak is worth buying or not, comfort plays a preeminent role. This Hobie Mirage features Vantage Seating that provides fantastic support and reduces the shocks. It offers 4-way adjustability with which you can manage the seats as per your body requirements. Coming to the in-built features, it comes with two vertical rod holders, six horizontal rod holders.

The best thing about this pedal kayak is that it comes with a built-in Lowrance-transducer mount, which makes the Fishfinder installation very easy. It comes with tackle boxes and under-seat tackle storage, so you will never have to leave any necessary tool behind.

Here are some key features of this pedal kayak, and which factor it relates to above:

These were some features of this pedal kayak. So after discussing the basic information, it’s time to talk about the things that we liked about the pedal kayak.

Why I Think It’s The Best Pedal Kayak for the Ocean?

Now some of you might be thinking what’s so special about this pedal kayak and how it is useful. Well, here are some reasons why we think it’s the best:

Mounting Tracks

One of the best things about this pedal kayak is that it comes with H-rail mounting tracks. You can easily mount your accessories and rod holders. It also provides you enough space to store your other basic stuff, such as water bottles and beverages.

Stealth and Pedal Ability

Another great thing about this kayak is that it has an impressive pedal ability. As you know, Hobie’s MirageDrive 180 is fitted in this pedal kayak, and due to this, it becomes very efficient. Coming to the speed, the turbo find makes it very faster. As compared to other kayaks, it requires less energy, all thanks to the turbo fins and glides technology. With this kayak, you can cover more distance without getting tired. Its 14 feet long design reduces the pedal work, and you cover more distance with each pedal.

Stern Storage

It comes with a stern with which you can access all of your accessories while sitting on the kayak. In short, it saves from putting extra work in using your other tools


Choosing a kayak with functional storage space is very important because it lets you carry all the essential items. This kayak comes with fantastic storage capacity, and you can easily store all the critical gear. It features an 8-inch rear cargo area, twist-n-seal, and in-built rod holders.


This is also a great feature that sets it apart from other kayaks. Most people complain that their kayaks lose control in the rough waters, but that’s not the case with this kayak. It comes with a tracking skeg that helps you control the kayak in rough seas. Primary and secondary steering is given in this skeg for better handling.


Stability plays a preeminent role, especially when you are out for fishing. A kayak with poor stability won’t only hamper your fishing your experience, but it can also be dangerous. This Hobie’s MirageDrive 180 provides excellent stability; you can stand and cast perfectly. Not only this, but the floors of the pedal kayak is also padded, which allows you to move freely and also saves you from slipping

These were some excellent points about this pedal kayak but as you know nothing is perfect, so now let’s shed some light on the things that we don’t like about this pedal kayak.

What It Could Do Even Better?

This pedal kayak delivers a lot of value in this price range, but to be fair, some things could be better. One major downside is that it is extra wide, which makes pedaling a bit slower than some other pedal kayaks. It would be more versatile if the width was slightly less. Apart from this, it is also heavy, which makes it difficult to carry and transport. In short, if it can reduce the width and the weight, then it would become better.

However, you gain the ocean-level stability in exchange for the slightly reduced speed/easier carrying of some of these lighter pedal kayaks.

Final Thoughts

The Mirage Pro is a very elegant looking pedal kayak. It is loaded with amazing features and equipped with advanced technology. The 14 feet long design provides enough space, and the H-rail mounting helps in mounting rod holders. Some people may find this kayak a little heavy, but still, if you look at the other merits like stability, then the weight issue can be ignored.

Other features such as tracking skeg makes this kayak easy to handle, even in the strongest of winds. In short, if you put out the weight issue, then this Mirage Pro pedal kayak has everything.

See you on the water!

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